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The UAE has more than 4,000 federal and local eServices on the portal. At the federal level, there are 2,445  federal eServices: 1,983 transactional eServices, 177 informational, 70 commercial, 129 social and 86 seizural.  Learn how to use government eServices through this guide.


In order to use some of these eServices, you must have an account with SmartPass or the UAEPASS. We recommend new users to register with UAEPASS because SmartPass would be phased out soon. Inquire how to upgrade your smartPass to UAEPASS.


The eServices have a number of features including the ability to upload your documents, save your request and submit at a later date and get electronically signed documents and forms. Below are the most used eServices for the year 2019: 


Services topics are ordered on homepage based on the most used basis. Moreover, they are dynamic and personalised. They change based on the daily usage of services and reflects the user behavior/preference.


Read about live support about public services for people of determination.

Services around the clock

Top digital services provided by government entities around the clock

Visa and Emirates ID

Tourist visas, visit visas, entry permits, residency permits and Emirates ID


Job search, regulations, employment process, contracts and more


Education system, schools, higher education, eLearning, scholarships and more



Planning, starting, running and closing businesses on the mainland and in free zones

Moving to the UAE

Health, education, jobs, visa, Emirates ID, transportation, finance and more

Justice, safety and the law

Justice system, community protection, human rights, cyber security and more

Visiting and exploring the UAE

Flights, hotels, itineraries, visas, money exchange, shopping, customs and more


Roadways, railways, waterways and airways

Finance and investment

eDirham, banking, financial markets, taxes, customs duty, insurance, pension and more

Environment and energy

Ecosystems, climate change, renewable, nuclear energy, sustainability and more


Housing programmes, authorities and more

Health and fitness

Insurance, healthcare facilities, emergency services, patients' rights and more

Passports and travelling

Passports, visas, travel arrangements, advisories, customs and more

Public holidays and religious affairs

Public holidays, religious affairs, Ramadan, Hajj, religious events and more


Civic facilities, telecommunications, mail services and more

Social affairs

National identity, marriage, divorce, births, deaths, social welfare and more

Charity and humanitarian work

Setting up a charitable organisation, raising funds, volunteering and more

Connected government (G2G)

FedNet, Government Service Bus, SmartPass, mSurvey and more

Services A to Z

List of links to the eServices of the United Arab Emirates Government

Citizens' right to access government information

The UAE assures freedom and access to information through 'The Guide Access Government Information' and Law No. 26 of 2015 on the Organization of Dubai Data Publication and Sharing also known as Law No. 26 of 2015 Regulating Data Dissemination and Exchange.

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Service channels and modes of payment

The UAE Government’s services are accessible through online and offline channels. In addition, the government provides multiple payment options that include cash payment over the counter. Most federal ministries and local entities facilitate electronic payment and mobile payment in a secure cyber environment.

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National Economic Register

The National Economic Register is an integrated platform between the federal and local entities. It enables the entities, businessmen, researchers and customers to get instant, latest, accurate and comprehensive information about economic licences and data, statistics and reports relating to it.

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Mabrouk Ma Yak service

Mabrouk Ma Yak is an integrated eService for newly born Emiratis. The service will reduce the number of visits to government offices from seven to one by providing a combined service of ten government entities.

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Emergency contacts






Civil defence


Electricity authority