Live support about public services

Live support about public services

TDRA character for the deaf

Some entities offer support in the form of a video in which an animated character communicates with the user in sign language. When the user rests the tip of his mouse on a certain text, the character in the video translates that text in the sign language. 

Send sign language video

In addition, people of determination can send their queries to MoCD by recording a video and asking questions in the sign language.


This portal and many other government websites use text-to-speech facility. Users just need to select text and a software will read it out aloud.


Ministry of Economy published awareness videos in sign language.


Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) offers translation service in sign language. Any government entity or business or an individual can request ZHO for translation and ZHO will get the text translated into sign language for the benefit of people of determination.


Roads and Transport Authority has many videos for people who cannot hear properly. The videos have an interpreter speaking in sign language about the features of public transportation in Dubai. View the videos.

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