Citizen Charter is the national portal of the UAE Government. Through this portal, you can obtain the UAE Government’s services and information. The UAE Digital Government provides different channels to serve public needs. If you want to request for government information, you can reach us through this portal which covers all services and information that might be of use and need to citizens, residents, visitors, business owners and government entities in the UAE. 

If you wish to communicate with the UAE Government or participate in government decisions, you can do that through our Digital Participation portal, which forms an integral part of our national portal.

In addition, you can obtain UAE open data through the UAE official data portal


Who uses this portal?

Users of this portal include anyone who needs to get government services and information in the UAE. To make the portal easier to use, the services have been divided into four categories:


Communicating with people

We attach great importance to connecting with our customers. This communication enhances confidence between us, and contributes in improving the services and enriching the information we provide.

The UAE Digital Government provides different channels and platforms to connect with its customers. These channels include:


General rules

By using this portal, we deem you agree to abide by the terms of use and privacy policy.


By sharing your feedback through the digital participation channels, we deem you agree to abide by the Digital Participation policy.


Who maintains this portal?

The Information and Digital Government Sector at the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) maintains the content of this portal. The Sector works on a systematic content strategy to enrich and update the content on this portal. It relies on information published on UAE government websites and press material.


What we wish to achieve? is part of the federal Digital Government programme and a major milestone in the process of digital transformation in the UAE. By offering this portal, the UAE Government aims to provide you with easy and quick access to accurate and reliable first-hand information in its aim to serve you better and hope to make your life simpler, easier and more fulfilling.


Through the portal, we aim to achieve the following:

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