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Consulting the Public on the User Experience of Public Health Services (Quarter 2 of 2023)

About the Campaign

The User Experience (UX) lab invited people from different medical and pharmaceutical facilities to try the services using the website and mobile application and observe their behaviors, and record their feedback and comments regarding the following services:

  • Good professional conduct certificate (3 services) 
  • Group1 Healthcare advertisement (issue of new license) (8 services)
  • Group2 Healthcare advertisement (Registration + Renewal of license for healthcare advertisement (8 services) 
  • Group3 Healthcare advertisement appeals (2 services) 
  • Request Price List (4 services) - Request for support and coordination of Medical Research 
  • Request to publish a research paper in the Research Bank (SARC)

Campaign Brief & Details

The UX Lab tested will test services during quarter one of 2023.The two main objectives were to find the challenges that the users are facing during the application process of these services.


Register in the link here.

Contact Information

The Participants get a call and a confirmation email from the ministry.  

For any inquiries kindly contact 




As it was done in quarter one, an experienced team of researchers analyses the user testing sessions, from general observations to feedback and comments, and tracks participants' eye movement, which plays a crucial role in improving the providing exceptional user experiences. 

After each session, the findings are raised to the stakeholders of the service to provide the necessary support to enhance the overall customer's journey using  the different digital platforms of the Ministry.

The main outcomes resulted in:

  • Almost all users appreciated the new changes and updates on the services and the ministry's digital platforms.
  • Most users liked that the application process was easy, and the website's design appealed to them. 
  • Most users liked having the number of steps in the headings of the application form. 

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