The UAE Government is keen to keep the public informed and consult them on all issues that affect them. Hence, it is presenting this interactive platform which lists consultations from various UAE Government entities. The Government is looking forward to hearing your views to use them as input for effective decision-making which in turn would enhance people’s satisfaction and happiness. Have your say about the Government’s services and policies and be a part of the decision-making.

Current consultations

Youth Circles in the aviation sector
Measuring the happiness of the National Library and Archives' customers
Consultation on Innovation Culture
Survey on your Feedback on the Friday Sermon
Printing the Holy Quran Project

Planned consultations

Digital identity
Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: Measuring public satisfaction with the Social Media Channels for FAHR 2022
The Favorite Communication Channels for Audience
[FAHR: Development of the Customer Happiness System (CHS) in the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources
Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: Enhancing and improving the Smart Recruitment Platform in the Federal Government " Estiqtab"

Closed consultations

Consultation about the Customer Satisfaction Level with the Awareness and Marketing Campaigns of the Emirates Schools Establishment Services
Federal Authority for Government Human Resources: Brainstorming Session to market the Annual Report of the Authority's Achievements in 2021
FAHR: Questionnaire for the development of HR Echo Articles
FAHR: Questionnaire for developing the marketing messages for the Hayat Program for Psychological and Moral Support for employees of the Federal Government
FAHR: Measuring the satisfaction level with the Government Skills Bank initiative 2022