The UAE Government is keen to keep the public informed and consult them on all issues that affect them. Hence, it is presenting this interactive platform which lists consultations from various UAE Government entities. The Government is looking forward to hearing your views to use them as input for effective decision-making which in turn would enhance people’s satisfaction and happiness. Have your say about the Government’s services and policies and be a part of the decision-making.

Current consultations

The automated system for contract completion
The service is the Wage Protection System for the support workforce.
Consultation on Sign Language
Recreational and Cultural Programmes at the Quran Memorisation Centres
ICA Congress

Planned consultations

Consultation: The UAE Scheme of Notification
Proactive Services
Customer Council Q3
User Experience (UX) Lab User Testing in Quarter 3 of 2023
FAHR: Questionnaire for developing the Marketing Campaign for the Government Skills Bank Initiative

Closed consultations

An Opinion Poll about the awareness of community members about Donations Regulatory Law
Survey on measuring quality of GPSSA's website
Survey on quality of GPSSA's news content
The Newly Updated UAE PPP Manual
FAHR: Brain Storming Session to improve the Virtual Assistant Service for the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources customers "Hamad"
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