The UAE Government is keen to keep the public informed and consult them on all issues that affect them. Hence, it is presenting this interactive platform which lists consultations from various UAE Government entities. The Government is looking forward to hearing your views to use them as input for effective decision-making which in turn would enhance people’s satisfaction and happiness. Have your say about the Government’s services and policies and be a part of the decision-making.

Current consultations

Public Opinion Survey On the Applications of the Insurance Authority
Public Consultation on WASL Platform for Suggestions and Feedback of FANR Stakeholders
A consultation on developing the UAE's digital participation portal
Public opinion survey about the Ministry's website
Most important challenges facing parents and children to foster positive relationships among them

Planned consultations

Qualification of judges, prosecutors and lawyers on a distance-training course
MOCCAE: moccae beats
MOCCAE: Website
MOCCAE: Social media content
Enriching the Content on The Ministry of Health and Prevention's Website

Closed consultations

Public Opinion Survey On the Virtual Awareness Workshops Organized by the Insurance Authority
Public Consultation on FANR’s Regulatory Guide RG-033
HCT Website User-Experience Feedback Survey
Community opinion poll on current and future jobs and qualifications in economic sectors in the UAE.
The importance of the role of family counseling centers in reducing divorce cases in the UAE society