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Consulting the Public on the User Experience of Public Health Services (Quarter 1 of 2023)

About the Campaign

The User Experience (UX) lab invited people from different medical and pharmaceutical facilities to try the services using the website and mobile application and observe their behavior, and record their feedback and comments regarding the following services : 

  • Renewal of a License to Practice as a Doctor
  • Renewal of Licenses for Nursing and Medical Professionals 
  • Changing Establishment Information for Private Health Facilities
  • Changing the Name of Private Health Facilities
  • Changing the Technical Director of Private Health Facility
  • Adding a Partner in Private Medical Facility
  • Adding a Specialty to Private Medical Facility Services
  • Issue of a Birth Certificate (Mobile Application)
  • Licensing of Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Request for a List of Pharmaceutical Establishments in the UAE
  • Change the Name of Pharmaceutical Establishment
  • Relocation of Pharmaceutical Establishment
  • Canceling the License of Private Pharmaceutical Establishment
  • Re-licensing a Pharmaceutical institution
  • Issue of a 24-Hour Pharmacy Work Permit
  • Changing the Licensed Ownership
  • Changing the type pf medical activity
  • Changing the Location of a Private Medical Facility

Campaign Brief and Details

The UX Lab tested 18 services during quarter one of 2023. The main objective was to find the challenges that the users are facing during the application process of these services.


Register in the link provided in the UX Lab Homepage.


The document available below includes all the outcomes and actions implemented based on the inputs.

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