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The UAE Government seeks throughout its initiatives and activities to reiterate the importance of the role of volunteering culture in promoting sustainable development. The survey determines the knowledge of community members about '' platform managed in partnership between the Ministry of Community Development and Emirates Foundation and measure the level of satisfaction among the community members about the volunteering opportunities that are available on the platform to develop and facilitate the volunteering system and improve its outcomes in the future.

Goal Of Consultation

Taking into consideration the proposals of the public and ideas that contribute to the services and initiatives 

What You Can Expect

Based on the monitored and analyzed ideas, the services will be developed and improved  



The average saThe average satisfaction about volunteering opportunities reached (80%), where 47% respondents answered that they are "very satisfied" about volunteering opportunities available on platform. On the contrary, about 3% of them said they are "strongly dissatisfied" and this requires searching for the reasons of their dissatisfaction. We also seek to raise the satisfaction levels into 82% during the year 2023.

About 90% respondents reported they heard about platform, which is an excellent percentage.

 While 63% respondents who have not heard about platform have actually volunteered during the past 5 years, which is an average percentage. It is necessary to look thoroughly into the reasons that led to unparticipating in volunteering work and identify the causes of this matter to find appropriate solutions. The reason could be attributed to the emergence and impact of COVID-19 pandemic during the past two years which affected the lack of volunteering opportunities and decrease in the numbers of volunteers accordingly.

 31% respondents knew about volunteering opportunities through media and social media, which indicates the importance of these means in disseminating volunteering opportunities; the results also showed the importance of friends in raising the participation rate and delivering the platform's services to individuals directly.


·       Emirates Foundation, in coordination with Federal Authority for Government Human Resources  (FAHR), must oblige employees with a minimum number of volunteering hours during the year, with the need to increase awareness among managers, and directors of the importance of encouraging their employees to attend these volunteering opportunities according to their interests, skills and practical experience, while allowing the employee to link his platform account with FAHR website to include volunteering hours in the annual evaluation of employees.


·       Governance of platform in a more interactive manner with community members, to meet their needs and ensure speedy delivery.


·       Reconsider the registration of individuals under 18 years and school students in the UAE to register their volunteering hours

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