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Public Opinions about Developing the Ministry of Education’s Social Media Accounts



The Ministry of Education is always keen to communicate with the public through social media platforms which, in this day and age, are essential platforms that facilitate effective communication and the sharing of information.

Social media channels are constantly evolving. They are interactive media platforms that require consistent developments in innovation and communication strategies to meet the needs of the audience.

Wit that said, we invite you to share your opinions and suggestions regarding the social media accounts of the Ministry of Education.




It aims to gain insights into the opinions of the public and evaluate their satisfaction with the content presented on the Ministry of Education’s social media accounts. The data will be analysed and used as part of the continuous process of improvement and development.


:Expected Results 


Based on your participation in the questionnaire, the Ministry of Education will examine your opinions and observations to look for opportunities for improvement and development. The ministry will then take measures to meet your expectations and improve the quality of its services.