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MoHAP Social Media Channels 2020


Within the framework of the development practices of the Ministry of Health and Prevention to promote positive communication with the UAE community members, the Ministry seeks to evaluate its performance and presence through social media channels, which is considered an interactive media platforms require the use of innovative and diverse mechanisms to achieve effective presence that meet the needs and aspirations of the public


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to measure the public satisfaction with its performance through Social Media Channels and monitor opinions and proposals to develop its presence in a way that enhances the role of the Ministry in providing the services 


  • After monitoring all the public's opinions and proposals, Government Communication Department at the Ministry of Health and Prevention is working to implement the following measures:

    • Change designs every 3 months to develop visual content.
    • Increased promotion of mobile applications.
    • Speed of the mechanism for answering queries in cooperation with the relevant departments.
    • Post for the most common questions.
    • Intensifying the dissemination of news related to the ministry's initiatives for hospitals.
    • Increase live initiatives.
    • Add a new language " Urdu''.
    • Reduce the content size in the posts and focus on small messages.

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