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Prevention of bullying in school environment


Bullying is an unwanted and repeated or continuous aggressive behavior by one or more students intended to harm another student. The bullying phenomenon can by no means be neglected as it is a sensitive issue that directly affects the circumstances surrounding a student and may possibly widen the gap between him and his school community if not a well-planned methodology is used to deal with it.

Based on this, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and with the participation of a number of local and federal entities, launched the National Bullying Prevention Week campaign. The campaign featured a number of workshops and lectures given by specialists on the steps to be taken to deal with bullying. Another campaign was launched on social media with the aim of guiding students and their parents to the strategies that they should follow to combat bullying.

To learn more about the National Bullying Prevention Week, please visit the following link

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:Objective of consultation

The Ministry of Education seeks to know how far all categories of the society are satisfied with the programs presented during the National Bullying Prevention Week and come up with the best recommendations, practical solutions and innovative ideas to prevent bullying in the school environment.


:Expected decisions as a result of consultation

The Ministry of Education will set aside and study the most prominent suggestions and crystallize a range of awareness campaigns and programs to prevent bullying in the school environment in line with the aspirations of the public.