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The role of social Media channels in effective communication and the provision of services


In line with the strategy of the Ministry of Health and Prevention to provide health care in accordance with the highest standards of excellence, professionalism and the achievement of leadership in the health field, the ministry is keen to use social media as an interactive media platform. And that's because it's importance as a part of the Ministry’s media strategy and a way to communicate and plan the provision of additional health services


Through this consultation, MOHAP aims to measure community satisfaction through its social communication channels and to identify negative and positive views and follow-up and monitor the most important observations of the clients and the beneficiaries to the services of the Ministry such as doctors and medical staff and professional companies contributing to developing a database that is harnessed to build an innovative vision of the enterprise development system


The Ministry will examine all responses and suggestions as it improves its performance and presence on social media. It will also communicate with complainants via these platforms to further enhance its services. The social media portals can also be utilized to inform the public about its activities and achievements as well as to strengthen its communication with society


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