World Civil Defense Day

04/03/2020 Justice, safety and the law | Major General Jaseem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, General Commander of Civil Defense

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The celebration of the International Day of Civil Defense comes in conjunction with the " the year of preparation for the next fifty years ", and celebration in the next year of the golden jubilee of the Emirates.

The  fifty years ago, the state achieved qualitative leaps in all areas and was able to be at the heart of the world map Competitiveness, and we in the civil defense assume our responsibility to translate the visions of good leadership in anticipating half a century from the future of this vital organ, by preparing and implementing effective strategic plans that accommodate the requirements of the present and the future. The proper work and hard work to formulate a bright future for civil defense by mobilizing efforts and energies, and investing in experiences, creative minds, human talents, and exceptional competencies that the UAE boasts of, to reach the civil defense to be the fastest response sector, and the most effective and able to face challenges during the next fifty years, to achieve For the rational leadership aspirations for the UAE to be among the best in the world of safety and security.

The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Command of Civil Defense, is keen to establish the concept of prevention and safety for all members of society, in light of the care and directives of the rational leadership, the great attention it places on the civil defense agencies, and its unlimited support for all that enhances security and safety in the UAE society.

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