The UN's 2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as Global Goals are a set of 17 goals that aim to provide better living conditions to all. The SDGs are based on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. The SDGs are part of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This section highlights the UAE’s efforts to achieve the SDGs at home and abroad. Read the UAE's efforts to achieve the SDGs in this publication - UAE and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (PDF). 

SDGs’ data hubs

SDGs’ data hubs represent a one-stop resource for data, statistics and information relating to the progress of countries towards achieving the Sustainable Developing Goals. The UAE SDG Data Hub, in particular, sheds light on the UAE’s relentless efforts towards achieving UN’s 2030 goals.

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2030 Studio

Studio 2030 podcast

2030 Studio is an Arabic-language podcast designed to raise awareness about the global SDGs and address the impact of climate change and challenges in sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa.


2030 Studio will provide the latest SDG-related developments, solutions, and collaboration opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.


It features experts, innovators, and thinkers discussing new ideas and challenges, fostering a dialogue on sustainable development trends.


2030 Studio is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


2030 Studio is an initiative of The National Committee on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in collaboration with the Posterity Institute and the Global Council on SDG13. It aligns with the UAE's commitment to shaping a sustainable future and contributing to the global SDGs.

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