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Visitor Survey on 971 Pavilion at Global Village Season 2023-2024

As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Community Development to know the visitors' satisfaction rates with the participating projects in 971 Pavilion at the Global Village for the current season 2023-2024, we reassure that our aim is to measure the satisfaction and know your opinion about the ministry's pavilion in general; improve appropriate plans in the coming years and achieve the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction for the visitors. All provided data will be dealt with strict confidentiality and used for development and improvement purposes only.


Happiness Rate "971 From the Community Pavilion"

Evaluation Rate

How satisfied are you with the current identity of "971 From the Community" pavilion and its reflection on the participating projects


What is the level of excellence and creativity in the Emirati products that are displayed at "971 From the Community" pavilion?


How happy are the visitors of "971 From the Community" avilion at Global Village for the season 2023-2024





·        Working on reviewing prices to make them more commensurate with customers' budgets.

·        Negotiate with merchants to receive offers or discounts.

·        Multiple comments about the high prices and their lack of affordability for buyers.


·        Increase the variety of the displayed products that meet different needs and tastes.

·    Check the quality of the displayed products and avoid any problems in the future.

· Some feedback was positive regarding the quality of the products and service.

· Some critical comments about the quality of "Matcha Ice Cream" product and failure to refund the amount. .

Quality & Service:

·    Establishing permanent outlets to market the products of productive families throughout the year

·    Improving the visitors' experience by providing more space and better equipment.

·    Some remarks about the changes in the pavilion's decoration but lack of variety in products compared to the past.

Pavilion Decoration & Diversity

·        Providing training courses in economic feasibilities and successful projects.

·        Providing workshops on how to start and manage projects.

·        A proposal to increase the number and diversity of participating projects

·        Selecting low-income families and providing them with the required support to develop their products.

·        Requests for training courses in preparing economic feasibilities and identifying successful projects.

·        The need to support productive families and help them develop their products

Support & Assistance

·        Organize additional exhibitions throughout the year to increase marketing opportunities.


·     Proposal to implement other exhibitions during the year, not only in the Global Village.

Future Exhibitions

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