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Customer councils' meetings (Quarter 4 of 2024) - Focus groups

About the consultation

Public focus groups are customer councils that discuss pre-determined topics with the target groups availing the services. Customer councils aim to: 

  • Measure customer satisfaction with the services and record their thoughts and suggestions to improve the services.
  • Listen to the voice of the customers to know the pain points and difficulties they face while availing the services.
  • Study the current challenges and provide appropriate solutions as part of the development projects for current services.
  • Invite customers to participate in the public opinion sessions and consultations with regard to the future of the service.
  • Develop smooth service operations.

Details and objectives 

Customer councils are held based on the following process:

  • View the user journey.
  • Discuss the preferred service channels.
  • Discuss the ease of process (easy, hard, etc.)
  • Discuss customer preferences for the future of services. 
  • Conduct the service design, the improvement that needs to be added, as well as the services packages, if any.
  • Address the challenges.
  • Discuss the recommendations.

Topics related to the following services will be discussed and studied:

  • Training of pharmacists/assistant pharmacists in a pharmaceutical facility
  • Conducting improvements on service delivery channels
  • MOHAP website and smart app (after improvements)
  • Issue of permit to import medical equipment.

Expected Outcomes

Customer insights and recommendations are monitored and documented in the Feedback Register, while the service owners study development proposals and the sessions' outcomes are considered as part of the collaborative design project for improving services. The ideas proposed by customers are reflected in the future concept of the service while the customers' feedbacks are monitored.

Contact Information  

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