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Industrial Production License Consultation



This service enables businesses to register on the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology's (MoIAT) industrial registry. The license is issued to companies that meet the requirements of industrial licensing. After obtaining the license, the factory can benefit from a range of benefits provided by the ministry to support the UAE's industrial sector.

One of the key advantages is the customs duty exemption for industrial inputs (machinery, equipment, and raw materials). Additionally, the licensed company can request a value-added certificate, which qualifies it for a Certificate of Origin from the Ministry of Economy. This helps the factory export products, in addition to obtaining the 'Made in the Emirates' mark, which enhances consumer trust and provides an indication of compliance with quality and safety standards. The mark also boosts the competitiveness of UAE-made products internationally.

Registering also enables the factory, upon approval, to provide data on the availability of certain imported raw materials to ministry stakeholders. This facilitates the sourcing process, contributing to an increased reliance on locally sourced raw materials.



·       Raise public awareness and enhance awareness about the Industrial Production License service.

·       Introduce additional benefits for manufacturers holding the license.

·       Increase stakeholder awareness on the importance of providing data on imported raw materials.



1. The aim of advice is to measure the level of awareness of customers (individuals, government agencies and the private sector)

 2. All proposals/comments have been listed in order to study their application with the partners from the relevant government agencies

 3. Various awareness workshops were held to educate customers about the requirements, increasing the number of publications on social media to increase awareness

 4. The developments of the initial approval certificate service have been added within the future customer councils to increase customers' awareness about it

 5. These inputs were used in service improvement processes within the scope of service development processes in the department.

 6. Increasing the number of publications on social media to raise awareness

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