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Public Consultation on the Requirements and Needs of the Parent's of People of Determination

About the Campaign:

As part of the role of the Ministry of Community Development to promote equality, inclusiveness and cohesion within families and the society, the below mentioned survey aims to recognize the level of satisfaction among of students at people of determination centers and identify the needs of their children for the purpose of improving necessary plans and required initiatives

The Ministry of Community Development registers people of determination to receive some free services

The Ministry of Community Development, through its centers for people of determination, also provides: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, audiological examinations, family services, special education classes, psychological services, social services, and the Emirates Early Intervention Program

Objectives & Expected Outcomes: 

We aim to find out the extent of satisfaction of people of determination and parents of students with the services currently provided, and what needs they would like to obtain that are not currently available



It is expected to know the level of satisfaction and thus implement initiatives and activities to raise the level,

The proposals received will also be used to develop the services currently provided or to provide additional services for this category

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