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Public Consultation on Reporting Abuse from Domestic Violence

About the Campaign: 

As part of the role of the Ministry of Community Development to enhance the wellbeing of all the members of the society and promote their social protection, the below mentioned survey aims to identify and measure the awareness of the community members of the various channels for reporting abuse, exposure extent and/or types of abuse or domestic violence

Where communications are currently being received through

  •  The Ministry's website

  •  Call Center 800623
  •  Mobile phone 0561776832
  •  Email
  •  Personal attendance at the Ministry's office

Definition of domestic violence: Domestic violence as stated in Article 3 of the Grave Labor Law, is defined as physical, psychological or economic harm


Knowing the extent of community members' awareness of the existence of channels for reporting abuse, what channel is used, and whether they have awareness and are these cases reported


After reviewing the results, treatment plans are developed according to the results.

The results will also be used to improve and activate mechanisms for reporting abuse, educating all segments of society, and coordinating with the concerned authorities and networking as well.

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