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Imported Used Vehicle Technical Requirements


The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has launched a smart e-service for issuing licenses for imported used vehicles. It was launched in compliance with national requirements prohibiting the import, licensing and insuring of 7 types of vehicles, including burnt out, scrapped, flooded, disassembled cars, as well as cars damaged beyond repair and those with major manufacturing defects. The system excludes imported light vehicles for re-export.


The service provides a reliable and easily accessible database linked to the databases of government agencies around the world, boost consumer confidence and helping consumers verify products.


Service objectives:

         Protect consumers from unsafe products

         Contribute to reducing traffic accidents resulting from unsafe vehicles

         Contribute to reducing financial losses due to unsafe products

         Contribute to reducing the environmental impact resulting from certain vehicles

         Support the national economy by preventing the import of products that do not conform to national requirements

         Support national efforts to enhance the quality of life of residents and citizens


Decision making:

The public's opinions and suggestions will be taken into consideration in future improvement plans

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