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FAHR: Questionnaire for developing the Marketing Campaign for the Government Skills Bank Initiative


Based on the efforts of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources to develop the Government Skills Bank initiative and increase awareness of it, and its keenness to involve its employees in the decision-making for its development in form and content.  A survey will be sent to receive the employees' development opinions and views, on marketing messages and the content of the site's content.

 Purpose of Consultation:

From the survey, FAHR seeks to involve its employees in the process of updating the marketing messages of the Government Skills Bank initiative - in form and content - in order to facilitate customers and increase the volume of benefit from the initiative.


The Authority will stand on the employees' development proposals and feedbacks, which will help develop the initiative in terms of design and content; In order to reach the level of ambitions and aspirations of the dealers.

Survey Link: Click Here 

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