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Consultation on Sign Language

The subject of the Consultation: 

As part of its keen interest to offer a wide range of services to all segments of society seeking to fulfil the public ambitions and aspirations, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments gives high priority to people of determination by harnessing the modern technology and human expertise to be at their disposal. 

The aim is to help this section of society to perform their rituals and worshipers at ease, including Awqaf's endeavour to provide them with the Friday sermon service in sign language so they can understand the sermon's content and message clearly.

With this in mind, Awqaf strives to improve this service amongst other plans it intends to achieve in the future to include many other sectors.

The goal of the Consultation:

Sign language, in fact, helps people of determination to strengthen the bonds of effective communication with society members so that they express their feelings and emotions among one another. It also allows people with special capabilities to foster their mental and gestural development.

Awqaf, via the Consultation, aims to learn about the public suggestions and feedback so that they can be applied to other services in the best interest of a large section of society.

Decisions expected upon the execution:

Awqaf will note the most interesting suggestions and comments in relation to this service and then work on studying them and implementing them for the good of this segment of society.


Results of electronic decision making:

  • Developing Improvement Plans
  • Enhancing the quality of services to meet the needs of people with disabilities
  • Involving people with disabilities in the development of the authority's services
  • Conducting brainstorming workshops for people with disabilities

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