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Evaluate smart application (app) of the Ministry of Culture and Youth


The Ministry of Culture and Youth keeps pace with the digital system to improve and develop services in a way that meet the requirements of community members by developing user friendly digital services and an easy-to-use app. 


To evaluate the experience of users of the Ministry of Culture and Youth app, in order to improve and develop it, based on to the requirements of the individual. It will also introduce new members to the app, increasing the number of users, thereby facilitating access to the services provided by the Ministry


The app will be further developed based on the feedback we will receive through the app.


The Ministry has taken into consideration the public feedback received during this consultation and has subsequently enhanced the application. This demonstrates the Ministry's commitment to actively listening to and incorporating the perspectives and suggestions of the public. By integrating the feedback, the Ministry aims to improve the functionality, usability, and overall user experience of the application. This responsive approach reflects the Ministry's dedication to continuously evolving and refining their services based on the needs and expectations of the users

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