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Social Media & Mental Health

Advice Topic

The National Wellbeing Strategy 2031 is based on a national framework that includes 3 main levels "individuals, community and the UAE". The strategy also enhances and promotes mental health among the community members. As such, the survey seeks to identify the impact of social media on the mental health of the community members, with the aim of achieving happiness and the highest levels of wellbeing. 

Goal Of Consultation

Taking into consideration the proposals of the public and ideas that contribute to the services and initiatives 


What You Can Expect

Based on the monitored and analyzed ideas, the services will be developed and improved  


About half of the survey respondents with a percentage of (48%) reported that they agree that social media programs had a positive impact on the mental health of community members. The reason may attribute to the diversity of social media and possibility of its use by all the members of the community.




Re-publish the Positive Digital Practices Guide to promote Mental Health (an initiative of the Digital Wellbeing Council), a guideline for a set of tools, programs and platforms that young people can use to enhance their mental health in the digital world

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