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Legal Measurement Tools


Promoting the conformity of measurement tools with legal requirements

This service verifies the legal measurement tools used in commercial transactions, such as scales used for gold, jewelry, Arabic perfumes, and in retail stores. These tools also include scales used in retail stores, airports and by shipping companies, as well as fuel meters at service stations and measuring tools used in fabric stores

    Measuring tools covered by the service include:

    •      Measuring tools used in transactions
    •      Measuring tools used in the health sector
    •      Measuring tools used in the fields of environment and public safety

    •     Measuring tools used for law enforcement purposes, such as speed radars or any tool used by authorities to enforce a law


    •        Informing the public about the metrology tools that are certified for use and promoting the (verified) certification mark
    •        Ensuring that all legal measurement tools obtain a certificate of conformity, meet technical requirements, and are authorized for use
    •        Ensuring that legal measuring tools are subject to inspection and are not being tampered with
    •        Explaining that the measuring tools that fail the tests are marked as not conforming
    •         Ensuring that the indicators of the instrument readings are correct and the measurements shown on the tools are accurate
    •        Ensuring that any text on the measuring tool is written in both Arabic and English
    •             (Ensuring units of measurement are used based on the legal standard units of measurement of the country (for example: meters, not yards       



    • Increasing consumer awareness of product conformity mechanisms in the country
    •        Promoting the certification marks used by MoIAT in the field of metrology
    •       Encouraging manufacturers and suppliers to obtain a certificate of conformity for their products before putting them on the market and to put the required labels on legal metrology tools 
    •           Strengthening cooperation with partner      

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