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SAHIM (E-Suggestion and Complaint System)

Subject: Sahim is the Electronic Suggestions and Complaints System at Zayed University. All ZU community can provide a suggestion, complaint or thank you message to a specific department/unit in the university.

Goal/Purpose: To give ZU community (employees & students) the freedom to submit comments, complaints, and suggestions anonymously through Sahim system. The message/feedback will be sent directly to the concerned department for their action.


During this consultation, the public has submitted comments, complaints, and suggestions which has been carefully analyzed and studied. All the feedback received were incorporated into the university's improvement plans. This aims to improve public satisfaction and provide the needed requirements to the public.

153 tickets received during the year 2022, all tickets came from Zayed University students from different colleges. each case was processed separately and forwarded to the concerned department for their action/advise/information. Recommendations based on SAHIM outcomes: To continue using SAHIM platform to receive complaints, suggestions, thank you notes. Justifications from the concerned departments with open tickets.

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