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Senior Citizens

Advice Topic

The UAE government strives to provide support, development and welfare to senior citizens. As such, we seek to identify to which extent all community members are aware of the services, activities and initiatives provided for 'senior citizens' by the Ministry of Community Development and get acquainted to the most used services by them. Our purpose is to improve those services thus contribute to their wellbeing.

Goal Of Consultation

Taking into consideration the proposals of the public and ideas that contribute to the services and initiatives related to senior citizens 

What You Can Expect

Based on the monitored and analyzed ideas, the services will be developed and improved  


About 49% of the respondents have information about the services provided to senior citizens, and 51% of the respondents do not have the same information about the services, which requires increased dissemination and awareness about the services provided by the Ministry of Community Development through the approved communication channels.


The most benefited service for senior citizens was "Massarra Card" with a percentage of 22% of the total answers, followed by the other services provided by Senior Citizens Happiness Center in Ajman and "We are your family" service. It is noted that about 11% of the participants did not benefit from the rest of the other services provided by the Ministry of Community Development to senior citizens, this necessitates the importance of spreading awareness among members of the community about the availability of these services.


On the other hand, we foresee the need to increase additional benefits and discounts to be included in the card services, searching and comparing with other cards such as: Fazaa, Thukhur, Esaad, and the capability of combining all services into one gold card.

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