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Digital participation for renaming services after merging


As part of the Ministry of Health and Prevention endeavor to develop services in line with customers' needs and preferences, the Ministry seeks to design services that meet customers' needs in a proactive manner.


The advice aims to engage the public through their opinions and suggestions to propose a new name for the service after merging the "Sick Leaves and Medical Reports" service and the "Accreditation of Leaves and Medical Reports" service within one service that facilitates the service journey for the customer and we would like to hear your feedback and suggestions.


  • The new service was named "Attestation and Approval of Sick Leaves and Medical Reports."
  • Work will start on updating the sick leave attestation card.
  • Work will start on merging the two identification service cards into one interactive card.
  • Promotional activities will be developed for new service once the above-mentioned projects are completed. It will be promoted on social media platforms and news channels.

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