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Food for life campaign


In the context of promoting community health, the Ministry of Health and prevention participated in a community campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of healthy and balanced food from sustainable sources and the impact of dietary practices and habits on the health of the individual, community and environment. It also aims to encourage community members to use local products and crops from vegetables and fruits, dairy products and their derivatives, local meat, fish and other natural resources of the country. This enhances the health of the individual and society and protects the environment from the risks of pollution caused by transporting, preserving and packaging foods when imported from distant countries.


Through this survey, the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to measure the level of community awareness of the Food for Life campaign.


  • A community event was held to familiarize the community with the campaign and highlight the importance of manufacturing healthy food from sustainable sources. The findings revealed that English speakers were more aware of the campaign than others, meaning that people are more concerned about healthy food and environmental sustainability.
  • The findings also showed that individuals have become more aware of the campaign thanks to using social media platforms, implying that using social media platforms will help reach out to a larger number of the target groups. A greater emphasis should be placed on these platforms in the campaign's later stages.
  • An interactive workshop has been held to promote awareness of healthy food, emphasize the need for sustainability in the food industry, and explain sustainable healthy food sources.
  • Virtual workshops have been organized to highlight the need for manufacturing healthy food from sustainable sources.
  • Incorporating sustainability into all areas of health awareness and programs developed by the Ministry for all segments of society
  • In the campaign's later stages, more emphasis should be placed on the role that community members can play in adopting healthy eating habits and eating healthy food from sustainable sources. This will have a direct impact on human and societal health as well as on protecting resources and preserving the environment. In addition, institutions and individuals should also be encouraged to adopt practices enhancing sustainability.

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