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The role of the UAE national accreditation system in the halal sector


The National Accreditation Department at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is responsible for implementing a national accreditation system to meet the needs of stakeholders and regulators in the UAE. The department provides innovative services and solutions that ensure the efficiency of the activities of conformity assessment bodies

In the UAE, which is a major market for halal products, we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive set of halal standards. The UAE is one of the largest consumers of halal products, and since these products are imported from all over the world, it is important that they comply with the standards and requirements of the UAE system for the control of halal products. It is also important that halal products exported from the UAE meet the needs of international markets

The UAE's halal food and beverage market is the third largest in the world and is expected to exceed 20 billion dirhams (US$5.5 billion) in 2022, according to the Global Islamic Economy Index. Products that comply with the standards of the UAE National Halal System bear the distinctive 'Halal' mark, which is recognized on an international level


The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate our keenness to strengthen the food supply chain in the country by expanding the number of import markets, in addition to raising awareness about the true meaning of halal


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