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Donation and transplantation of human organs and tissues Program


The Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched the National Program "Hayat" for organ donation and transplantation, as part of its commitment to improving the lives of patients and providing world-class healthcare services.

Created in conjunction with the issuance of Federal Law No. 5 of 2016 regulating the transplantation of human organs and tissues, the registration platform "Hayat" provides an opportunity for residents in the UAE above 21 years old to donate their organs after brain death.

As it constitutes a permanent solution for many patients and helps give them a glimmer of hope for survival, let alone the positive impact on the lives of the donor and the recipient alike.


Through this advice, the Ministry of Health and Prevention seeks to measure the societal awareness of the donation and transplantation of human organ and tissue program, and to what extent the people are willing to donate their organs and their concerns in this regard as well.


Public participation and their feedback would be examined, while taking the necessary measures to raise community awareness, spread the culture of organ donation, and enhance the spirit of giving.


  • Preparations are underway to launch an innovative awareness campaign for the organ donation and transplantation program
  • Promoting the public awareness about the importance of organ donation on TV and radio programs
  • Holding awareness seminars to highlight the legal and religious aspects, and to promote the principle of humanity

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