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Evaluating diabetes awareness campaigns


In the context of promoting community health, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched diabetes awareness campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the unhealthy habits impact on diabetes, and the importance of modifying unhealthy habits in delaying diabetes. It also aims to correct the misinformation prevalent in the community related to the disease and encourage community members to acquire healthy behaviours and habits (healthy eating habits, weight loss, exercise) to delay diabetes for those who have a risk factor for infection


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to measure community awareness of the importance of adopting healthy eating habits to prevent diabetes and monitor their proposals on the effectiveness of awareness campaigns.


Through diligent study and analysis of public participation and opinions, valuable insights have been gathered from the public. These insights have led to the identification of crucial improvement measures aimed at developing diabetes awareness campaigns with enhanced effectiveness and impact on society. By carefully considering the input and feedback received from the public, these campaigns strive to be more engaging and relevant, fostering a greater understanding of diabetes and its implications among the target audience.

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