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Letters Rogatory

The letters Rogatory service provides a smart link between the state’s courts to exchange judicial correspondence and enables the applicant to access his dues by seizing the property of the defendant anywhere in the country, which helps to speed up the litigation process and raise the standards of the judicial work system, and ensure the provision of the best judicial services to litigants and the rest of the groups concerned in the judicial work, such as lawyers and experts all over the country, and making the judicial implementation a swift and immediate matter. This service is a vital project requiring the transfer of courts within the process of smart transformation to a whole new stage, in smart linking between state courts and government departments and institutions, so that judicial 'correspondence' is exchanged among them through the smart system, whereas the requesting court sends the letter rogatory to the requested court via the system, which enables the requested  court to send the  letter rogatory  to the institution or department that has inquired about it to carry out the  letter rogatory. 

Objective advice

The advice aims to know the opinions and suggestions of the public on the service and its importance in saving time and effort, and making the judicial implementation a swift and immediate matter.

Expected decisions

The ministry will monitor the most prominent suggestions and opinions, study them, and take appropriate action and amendment in this regard.