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Survey on the Remote Smart Preaching Platform

The Subject of the Consultation:

In line with the UAE wise government’s endeavour to offer smart services as per the world’s highest standards, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment has always been keenly interested in launching the smart preaching platform for the preparation of the coming 50 years since 2020. 

The aim is to raise religious awareness among all segments of society in different circumstances and situations by delivering a series of preaching lectures, academic sessions, awareness symposiums and cultural colloquiums online via the best smart applications and social networking platforms. 

The Goal of the Consultation:

As part of Awqaf’s focus in this consultation on benefitting from various comments and suggestions coming from the society members for their major contribution to ensuring efficient development and innovation process. For this to happen, the public provides us with the most prominent positive sides and the opportunities for improvement of our smart platform.  

We are truly confident that you will be contributors with us for being an integral part of our future achievements in a variety of religious, societal and national fields.

Here are the decisions expected from the execution:

  •  To benefit from the public comments and suggestions to develop and improve the service.
  • To focus on the public overriding needs.
  • To study the survey findings so that they can be included in the development strategy.