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Share your opinion what you think about digital traffic services, now and in the future

Consultation Subject:

The Ministry of Interior invites the respected public to give their opinions on the current condition and future of digital traffic services and how they can be enhanced in order to curtail operational steps, ensuring customer happiness with our fast, accurate services accessible to all.

The objective of consultation:

Through this advice, the Ministry of Interior aims to sound out all opinions and proposals on enhancing all forms of traffic services provided to customers. The Ministry also seeks to provide all the means that would develop work and enhance the quality of life for the UAE community, in accordance with the vision of the judicious leadership targeting the provision of best services that boosts the UAE’s prestigious position on top of international competitiveness indicators.

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

New traffic services will be rolled out to step up cooperation with partners through technical linkage and integration of procedures among local and federal government entities.