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FAHR: Customer satisfaction with the Government Skills Bank Initiative for Federal Government employ

Consultation Subject:

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources launched the "Government Skills Bank" initiative, the idea of ​​which is based on identifying experts, people with skills and competencies from among federal government employees, and documenting this electronically through the electronic portal


:Consultation Purpose 

The authority seeks to develop the Government Skills Bank initiative and maximize its benefit, as it helps and empower federal ministries and entities to benefit from experts, specialists and people with competencies in various fields and disciplines related to the work of the federal entity, and to employ their capabilities in developing the institutional work system in the federal government, and establishing a management culture Knowledge therein

Decision Making:

The authority will measure the level of interaction with the Government Skills Bank initiative and stand on the opinions and suggestions of specialists from the federal government, to participate in its development visions to enhance the strengths and to set corrective measures for gaps, to raise their level of satisfaction and happiness with the project