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Advices about completing marriage without any wedding ceremonies during COVID-19

Advice topic

The Ministry of Community Development is conducting a study about the positives of completing marriage without any wedding ceremonies during coronavirus-COVID 19 aimed at encouraging young people to get married without any wedding ceremonies and reduce the expenses of weddings, which will contribute to the rationalization of consumption and formation a cohesive family

Goal of consultaion

Study the results of the survey and therefore implement awareness initiatives to support young people to get married

what you can expect

The results will be monitored and analysed. As such, initiatives related to the marriage of young people will be developed and updated. A study will be conducted to monitor the resutls too


About (99.79%) of the public participated in the survey of which: (79,617) individuals totally approved on holding wedding ceremonies at lower costs, whereas (0.13%) of which (13) respondents approved. Additionally, (0.01%) of which (9) individuals did not agree whereas (0.07%) of which (53) respondents totally disagreed to hold wedding ceremonies at lower costs.

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