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Service Centers "Tawafuq" - Ministry of human resource and Emiratization

Service centers (Tawafuq) provide services for receiving and examining labor complaints. The key task of these centers is to seek an amicable settlement between the two parties to the labor dispute and then submit recommendations to the Ministry for approval. The Tawafuq centers are not considered the body to make an ultimate decision on the disputes they receive.


MOHRE provides several channels for filing complaints, whether by employers or labor. These channels include the hotline service 80060, the smart application (MOHRE), and the Ministry’s website (, or by visiting one of the Tawafuq centers for (People of Determination and Senior Citizens - Registering Free Zone Complaints).


After registering the labor complaint through one of the said channels, communication is made within 48 working hours with the two parties to the relationship to discuss the requests submitted in the complaint and seek to reach an amicable settlement between them. If such settlement is not possible, a date is set for referring the parties to one of the compatibility centers where the legal reformer in the concerned center examines the complaint impartially and objectively trying to settle it amicably between its parties according to to the periods specified in the law. If a settlement is not possible, the complaint is referred to the judiciary system for consideration and settlement. In this case the complainant must record the complaint with the competent courts within 14 days.


Objective: Conduct an opinion poll to know the opinions, observations, and suggestions of customers, on the services provided in the service centers "Tawafuq" to work on developing and improving operations and procedures


Decision-making: A package of remarks and ideas has been introduced based on the survey. Based on this, all the submitted ideas and suggestions will be listed for implementation through initiatives based on development and optimisation plans for providing the best services to customers.

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