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MOHAP Digital Participation on Nursing vital role in the provision of healthcare


The nursing profession is one of the most important foundations for providing health care services, as being the frontline of defence for the health of society in the provision of healthcare, especially in light of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, crisis. where nursing cadres provides an extraordinary effort to immunize society against this pandemic and to maintain the health and safety of patients, providing an inspiring human model as a source of assurance and confidence. The nursing cadres have proven their competency and ability to face this crisis in a very professional way through the provision of the best healthcare services for patients at various levels of strategic planning, field command and clinical care


The Ministry of Health and Prevention aims through this consultation to measure the community awareness of the Nursing profession importance and their willingness to join the nursing staff, as well as to monitor their opinions and suggestions about the nursing profession


The Ministry of Health and Prevention will monitor all opinions and present it to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures and decisions which support the increase of qualified citizen nursing staff