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Measuring Customer Satisfaction with the FAHR Marketing Campaigns during Covid-19 Pandemic


The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources recently launched several awareness campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic aimed at promoting its services and projects, increasing awareness and developing the marketing and media plan 

:Purpose of Consultation 

FAHR seeks to launch a questionnaire to measure the extent of customer satisfaction with marketing campaigns, increase awareness and improve the marketing plan



FAHR will launch a questionnaire that measures the level of customer satisfaction with the marketing and awareness campaigns, and will examine their development proposals and visions, which would help in developing the Authority’s services to reach the level of customers' goals


After analyzing the results of the questionnaire, which measures the level of customer satisfaction with the Authority's marketing and awareness campaigns, development proposals and visions of customers were taken, which would help in developing the mechanisms and campaigns of the marketing authority; Until the messages reach the level of the aspirations and aspirations of the dealers.  As the results were examined, and approximately 20 notes and proposals were received, and they were taken into consideration and then building on them in setting corrective measures and developing plans and marketing campaigns for the Authority's projects

In this presentation, you will find suggestions with corrective actions