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Bowling chamionship for partners

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Public Authority for Sports seeks to enable the work environment through that it implements with its partners in government agencies that help people to make positive changes and communicate with others to make a deeper impact in the communication process on the different levels of the career ladder where the General Authority for Sports established a bowling championship initiative with partners to promote and consolidate ties Relations between the authority and its partners, where more than 15 governmental and federal bodies participated in the championship  

 Aim of Consultation

 We invite you to participate in this questionnaire to stimulate positive dialogue and benefit from your comments, study and evaluation of your proposals regarding "bowling championships with partners", which reflects positively on performance excellence and contribute to achieving competitiveness in this field, which gives more value to this field.  

Expected decisions

Continuity in the initiatives, programs that enhance constructive and effective communication in order to reach an attractive work environment by which we can enhance competitiveness