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Copy of cort judgment as proactive service


UAE’ Attorney General Office has launched a proactive public service, which is “copy of the

sentence” based on the Ministry-of- Possibilities instructions via the development of a proactive service management to launch and implement initiatives and to develop packages

of government services to the customer.

Therefore, “copy of the sentence” was chosen as a proactive service by the public prosecution through which the physical presence of the customer to the customer service offices or placing a request via one of our channels is no longer requested. However, a “copy of the sentence” will be sent via online link automatically to the customer with a code to ensure the confidentiality of the data that he/she can access to immediately with the copy of the sentence.

Objective of advice

This service aims at facilitating the procedure for the customer to obtain “copy of the sentence” in order to facilitate the payment process and to achieve the public interest in

saving time, effort and reduce the waiting time in customer service centers.

Expected decisions

The service will be launched soon and your suggestions will highly improve our quality of service provided. Therefore, all suggestions will be studied and implemented in order to meet the customer’s satisfaction.