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The Virtual Assistant Service for the Federal Authority for Government HR customers "Hamad"


The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has launched a virtual assistant service “Hamad” for FAHR’s customers, which would facilitate customers access to its electronic services and obtain answers to some inquiries around the clock 24/7, through the Authority’s website ( Hence, “Hamad” is considered one of the aspects to shift towards artificial intelligence

Purpose of Consultation 

The Authority seeks to explore the views of its employees on "Hamad" Service and measure their level of satisfaction by launching a development competition which will helps in improving the service in terms of design and content


FAHR  has stood on number of its employee reviews and suggestions, to make the necessary updates to improve the system and enrich it with accurate information and answers, to meet their needs


After circulating the competition, the opinions of the participants - 9% of the Authority's employees - were limited, and after discussion by the concerned departments, the amendments to the second stage of developing the virtual assistant service "Hamad" were implemented