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Federal Authority for Government HR :Stimulating participation in Al Mawrid Portal


The Federal Government for Government Human Resources (FAHR) launched the Federal Government E- Learning Portal Initiative (Al Mawrid), whereby the Authority concludes contracts with universities and educational institutions, specialized firms and leading international organizations, to provide expert training and development, leading to professional certification, electronic training courses and programs, and educational materials for Federal Government employees at competitive prices

:Purpose of Consultation

The authority seeks to motivate federal government employees to participate effectively within "Al-Mawred" portal to achieve the maximum benefit from the available educational training programs, by honoring the "most used and effective" users by launching a motivational competition, with the aim of promoting the project as a whole by creating the required interaction


FAHR measured the level of interaction with the two initiatives (honoring and competition) and stood on the customers ’views and proposals, to reinforce the strengths, and set corrective measures for the gaps, to raise the level of their satisfaction and happiness with the project


FAHR has opened the door for federal entities to participate in its development visions of Al-Mawrid Portal based on the user experience through a special competition, and  stood on the suggestions received for use in the development of the portal