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Public Satisfaction extent about awareness level of FAHR’s e-Services

:Consultation Subject

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources provided its e-services to simplify the procedures and facilitate the customers, and to achieve the highest rates of satisfaction and happiness, through Customer Happiness System to achieve the desired standards of quality and excellence.  Therefore, FAHR worked to raise public awareness of its services by promoting them in different media and other channels in order to reach the largest possible number of targeted people

Therefore, we invite you to participate in this questionnaire and provide your feedback and developmental views which will help us to improve the level of awareness of our e-services and to meet your expectations 

:Consultation Purpose and Objectives

Identify the public opinion and measure its satisfaction with the level of awareness of the priority e-services provided by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, and analyze the data to be used in process of continuous improvement and development of the marketing plan, which helps the Authority to meet the expectations of the public and ensure access to information and services that interest them in the  easiest and fastest ways

:Decisions expected as a result of this Consultation 

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources will monitor the most important feedback and study them and develop a set of corrective actions and implement awareness campaigns to promote the authority's e-services in order to ensure quality, and reach all target groups and meet their expectations