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Medical Examination for Residency


The Ministry of Health and Prevention is keen to upgrade all medical services provided to the community members, and the medical examination for residency service is one of its priorities, to immunize the community against infectious diseases, by improving the service’s procedures. The Medical examination centres for Residency offer a wide range of services including typing residency visa forms, conducting medical examinations and issuing Emirates ID using an innovative and leading work methodology, that achieve quick and quality results as part of the ministry's strategy to develop the health system in the state


The Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to engage the public and monitoring their opinions and proposals that contribute in developing the work system in the medical examination centres to achieve advanced results in the speed and smoothness of the procedures, in accordance with international standards


The Ministry will examine all responses and suggestions and present it to the concerned authorities to take the necessary decisions and procedures which improve the methodology to be used in Medical examination centres for Residency, aimed at enriching the customer experience and achieving happiness in the community


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