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Efficiency of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resource's website


The Authority seeks to involve its customers in the development of its website and services

provided through the site. It has designed a questionnaire that measures the satisfaction and interaction of customers with the site

Purpose of Consultation

To develop the site in a way that meets the needs of the public and enable them to navigate easily through its contents

:Decision -making


The effectiveness and efficiency of the website of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources was studied together with the users' opinions. The Authority was keen to involve customers in the development of its website and  he services provided. Accordingly, it designed a  questionnaire that measures customer satisfaction  and interaction with the website. The  questionnaire was entered into the website from  January 2016 to September 2017 and included

questions about

The design of the website, timeliness of the information published on the site, ease and flexibility of

the use, security with regard to the preservation of personal information, diversity of channels available, feasibility and effectiveness of the website as a practical alternative to traditional transactions / field visits; the Authority’s response to queries received through the site, and  efficiency in terms of providing the required e- services


The results of participation were 120 responses, of which 63% were  UAE nationals, and 34% Arab.  50% of respondents were aged 30-39 years. 68% of the with Bachelor’s degree, Higher Diploma or Higher Studies

The main observations included in the study were as follows


Proper arrangement of pages and contents of   the website

A list on the main page of the site containing the most visited pages of the site
On the Authority’s various initiatives and projects and the possibility of classifying them in an easier  way for the website browsers
The Authority has launched a project to harmonize its website in Arabic and English
On the website review and enrichment of the content in English to match with the Arabic version

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