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The UAE’s legal portal

The new UAE legal portal was launched by the MOJ, in line with the 2021 UAE Vision and the MOJ Strategic Plan, in order to provide the best innovative services in updating, developing and upgrading legislation to the international standards, through legal culture archiving using the state-of-the-art techniques and methods.

The Legal Portal aims to enable the public and professionals to research into a set of federal legislations in Arabic, including 4000 key themes and sub-themes, in addition to the issues of the Official Gazette since its creation in 1971, as well a set of more than 300 federal laws in English. This Portal also enables the perusal of the criminal and civil rulings of the Federal Supreme Court, more than 200 fatwas (advisory opinions) of Fatwa & Legislation Department at the MOJ from 1973, and more than 800 international agreement endorsed by the UAE and classified according to the states and themes, in order to diffuse legal knowledge and culture among the all stakeholders in different legal sectors, including judges and consultants, and public as well.    

Objective advice

The advice aims to know the opinions and suggestions of public about the services provided by the UAE Legal Portal, its importance and the quality of the electronic services provided

Expected decisions

The Ministry will monitor major suggestions and opinions, study them and take the action and make appropriate amendment concerning the same


The Ministry OF Justicewill monitor, study and analyze the most prominent proposals and add the public's aspirations to take suitable actions