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public feedback about Ministry of Education's website


The Ministry of Education’s website is a key platform for communication with the public. Based on this, the ministry is keen on continuously developing its website in line with the UAE Vision, which calls for optimizing smart services for maximum efficiency to enable the individuals of the society to communicate with the ministry with a view to overcoming obstacles and achieving large-scale customer happiness. Therefore, you are invited to participate in this questionnaire and submit any suggestions or remarks that would improve your experience as a user of the website and upgrade our services in line with the aspirations of the pubic.



Exploring the opinion of the public and measuring their satisfaction with the Ministry of Education's website while analyzing the data for use in continuously improving and developing the website, thereby helping the ministry meet the expectations of the website users and give them access to information and services of interest to them in the easiest and fastest way.


What you could expect

In light of your participation in the questionnaire, the Ministry of Education will examine your views and remarks regarding your proposed improvement and development opportunities and then take the necessary procedures to achieve your aspirations and meet your expectations.



Decisions taken as a result of consultation


We would like first of all to thank you for your participation and interaction with us. Based on the effective feedback of

the public, the following was done

The website has been constantly updated by embedding all news, information and accurate data and keeping up

with all important national activities and initiatives to increase awareness of the most important updates, you can read the latest news through the following link

New pages that provide more information to the public have been added to the website with a view to enriching the-

content of the site with such information and data will achieve the satisfaction and happiness of the public


As the ministry Initiatives page

Quality Education in UAE page

As one of the most important and most visited by the public, the e-Services page has been changed to have an interactive and easy to use layout.

To see the new page layout after being updated, please visit the following link


We also received a number of comments on the need to increase the browsing speed of the website. We are working on this issue as required by the public