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public feedback about the Ministry of Health and Prevention's MOHAP websit


MOHAP's website is a key communication platform between the ministry and members of the society. Thus, the ministry is keen on having continuous website improvement to be in line with its message to provide internationally-based standards and innovative services so as to accomplish its vision an effective and sustainable healthcare system for a happy society


To know public opinions and measure their satisfaction on MOHAP's website, to analyse and use data in the process of continuous website improvement, the matter that will help the Ministry of Health and Prevention fulfil the expectations of the website users and ensure their easy and quick access to the information and services


Based on the active participation of the public, the Ministry of Health and Prevention is currently working on

  • updating of the website through uploading all news, information and accurate data and keeping up with all important National events and initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of the most important health issues in implementation of the national agenda of UAE Vision 2021
  • Provide more tools to help the visitors with special needs to easy access
  • Create new pages that provide more information to the public (Federal Government Budget - Cyber Security - Youth Council of the Ministry of Health and Prevention) in the framework of enriching the website content with information and data to achieve the satisfaction and happiness of the public
  • Make sure that all links are working without any technical breakdowns

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