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Blood Donation


In accordance with Ministry of Health and Prevention’s strategy to provide comprehensive and innovative health services by developing blood transfusion services based on the most advanced international standards, the Ministry has launched a blood donation initiative themed ‘Help others, give them your blood, share your life with them.’ It is aimed at raising community awareness on the need for safe blood for patients, accident sufferers, thalassemia patients, anemia and others, and support the strategic inventory of blood banks in government hospitals


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention seeks to better level of awareness of the community regarding the importance of blood donation and its role in saving many lives, whether through routine donation or emergency donation. It also aims to identify their opinions and suggestion that contribute to encouraging people to donate blood and contribute to achieving the goals of helping patients in the United Arab Emirates


After studying all the opinions and suggestions, the Ministry will further work on ways to spread the culture of blood donation among the members of the community, which will help increase the provision of blood donation in hospitals, clinics, and health centers. Giving blood and its components to the needy promote the values of solidarity and social cohesion among the members of society


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